The club has three regular night sessions and a daytime meeting.


Tuesday 17.30:


This session is exclusively for juniors aged 6+.  Meet at Gainsborough Academy. in the main sports hall for registration.  New members welcome, but please contact Mark Cutts to check availability before coming along on a Tuesday evening.  Mark can be reached on 07827 811263 or

Our team of volunteers take three different groups on the main field in the spring/summer and two different groups in autumn/winter; one inside and a Middle distance training session outside.  We aim to provide a safe and fun experience for all young athletes in our community.  Parents do not need to stay but are more than welcome to.


Tuesday 19.15 (19:30 session start):


Tuesday 19:15 for a 7.30 start - this is a pace-driven session but is suitable to help all levels improve. Sessions include hills, track work, HIIT and Time Trials. Please see our Facebook page each week for details of where the session will be held.


Tuesday sessions will be open only to those juniors over the age of 15 who have been invited by the coaches.


Thursday 18.30:


Thursday 18:30 from outside the Queen Elizabeth High School on Morton Terrace - this is a club run usually featuring a 3-4 mile run for new members, 5 miles for intermediates, and a 6-8 mile distance for more experienced hands. 


Juniors aged 12 and over can join the Thursday night runs up to 5 miles subject to ability. Juniors aged 15 and over who have been assessed by the coaches to have the ability to take part in the longer run, can do so, but, must run with a run leader. Juniors can not run in a group which does not have a qualified run leader




On a Sunday morning members of the club meet to do a longer run. Meet at the High School, but, please check Facebook for this one!


New runners are welcome to simply turn up or contact Chris on 07505 877780. We can also be contacted on or on facebook. 


Members are kindly reminded to adhere to our code of conduct when attending training and club activities.


Code of Conduct